River Teign Shellfish

Following on from the theme of shellfish in the recent “sieve and riddles” post, the Teign Maritime Shanty Festival are delighted to be able to announce that River Teign Shellfish will also be joining us at the 2021 festival to talk about their history and the methods that they use. River Teign Shellfish are a family run business, led by father and son team Barry and Matt. With over 40 years experience of team work on the River Teign, the quality shellfish that they harvest can be found in the best restaurants and eateries across the UK.

River Teign Shellfish were featured on Channel 4’s “Devon and Cornwall” television programme and many of the methods used to farm their quality shellfish haven’t  changed in decades, however, whilst they have many years experience in the industry, they are anything but stuck in their ways. Indeed, the programme showcases their new venture to harvest their mussels further out to sea, after they lost nearly 70 tonnes worth of shellfish due to greedy gulls last year.

They also reacted swiftly when the lockdown impacted their normal restaurant trade, by providing weekly home deliveries in the local area – please see the links below if you wish to place orders with them, for a whole range of seafood, including mussels, oysters, scallops, crabs / crab meat and lobsters.

They are constantly researching methods to increase their production whilst maintaining an ecological balance. This is something which the company believe is crucial to a sustainable future for the industry, you could say they are anything but ‘shellfish’!




Email: info@riverteignshellfish.co.uk

Landline: 01626 853533

Mobile: 07517 231 810 



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River Teign Shellfish