Shanty & Maritime Folk performers - 2023

The 2023 Performers

Acapella Moonshine

Aggie Boys Choir

All At Sea

Back Beach Boyz

Banned From The Moor

Barrett’s Privateers

Beltane Border Morris

Bois Y Bryn

Bow Movement

Captain’s Beard

Celtic Dawn

Chantry Buoys

Chloe Marie Aston the piano cyclist

Chris Ricketts

Detta Kenzie

Dorset Wrecks

Exmouth Shanty Men


Five Men Not Called Matt


Grimspound Border Morris

Harry Browns of Bristol

High & Dry Shanty Group

Kathryn Collings

Kimbers Men

LocTup Together

Lower Deckers

Mariners Away

Mel Babb

Missin’ Tackle

Month’s Advance

Old Gaffers

Rusty Tubs

Severn Whalers

Short Dog Roger

Sloop Groggy Dogs

Spinnaker Shanty

Stamp and Go



Taiko Drummers


Wrecked Again


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The Performers