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Pike Ward Blue Plaque

On Wednesday 28th August at 6:00pm there will be the unveiling of a blue plaque in recognition of the contribution made by Pike Ward to the Icelandic Economy. The plaque will be sited on the wall of Old Maids Walk which is at the eastern end of the seafront adjacent to the Eastcliff Cafê. This particular site was chosen as it marks the spot where the whale bone arch was constructed many years ago, donated to Teignmouth by Pike Ward. This unusual gift has been well photographed appearing on postcards and more recently, on the Teign Shanty Festival logo created by Laura Wall. The Back Beach Boyz will be singing a song written by band member Ian (The Gig) Mitchell to the assembled guests. ???? If you would like to find out more about the Icelandic adventurer Pike Ward check out the display in the Teign Heritage Centre or come to the Teign Shanty Festival where Katharine Findlay, the editor of his diaries, will be

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